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Elevate Learning is a full-service learning design consultancy. We partner with you to design and implement online and blended learning experiences, organisation-specific learning programmes, and experiential content and workshops.

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Leading digital change is more than just purchasing an online learning platform or creating digital course content. It requires leaders who have a vision of how to transform their organisations to thrive in a digital world.

We conduct research into global and local industry-specific trends to measure your current and desired digital maturity. By aligning your unique user journeys to your organisational objectives, we’ll be able to identify opportunities to implement changes in the short, medium and long-term.

We’ll then design a digital roadmap that integrates your context and opportunities to the systems, programmes and communication requirements to achieve your outcomes.

Elevated Experiential Learning

When you partner with Elevate Learning, our curriculum and learning design specialists, content experts, coaches and facilitators work with you to ensure that we design a learning programme that embeds relevant and leading-edge online learning theory and pedagogy.

Our programme, curriculum development and learning design process is grounded by rigorous academic frameworks, and brought to life through experiential, practical and interactive learning.

By adopting a flipped or blended classroom approach to learning, you're ensured that new knowledge is both embedded and practically applied. And by continuously closing the feedback loop in this way, you'll see improved individual performance, productivity and engagement, moving you one step closer to your organisational and development goals.

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Our approach to creating effective, memorable learning experiences starts with you. If you're interested in elevating your learning, designing a curriculum, developing an e-learning strategy or online course, or implementing an online learning platform in your organisation, get in touch.

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