Launching Learning Experience Design Essentials

02 July 2021

Launching Learning Experience Design Essentials

Digital Learning hasn’t evolved to keep up with the modern and fast-paced world of work. To meet the needs of many L&D professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, course creators and digital learning enthusiasts, we have collaborated with visual production company, Studio Zafari, and various local and global industry experts, to create Learning Experience Design Essentials. This online course is packed with research-rich insights based on neuroscience, behavioural science and other cutting-edge learning trends. It promises to support you in developing a learning mindset and improve the way you design your learning experiences.

If we want employees or learners to thrive in a constantly changing world, we have to equip them with the skills and knowledge to do so. Outdated modes of teaching and learning are no longer serving generations that are digitally adept. explains the Founder of Elevate Learning, Kira Koopman.

Learning Experience Design is an approach to designing learning experiences that are learner-centered, goal-oriented and design-focused. Let’s explore these in more detail.



This means that learning experiences prioritise learners’ interests, needs and contexts. Importantly, we live in an agile world where learners are pressed for time, so taking courses that are poorly designed and not centered around their learning needs will never be their top priority.



Learning experiences should be well-defined and have attainable competence-based learning goals that align with your organisation’s objectives.



Learning experiences should be accessible to a range of learners and created according to best practices in multimedia and visual design.

Elaborating on the importance of impactful visual design, Marli Mckellar, co-founder of Studio Zafari says, In an era of Netflix, Youtube and TikTok we can’t keep expecting our learners to sit through two hour-long webinars or these boring Zoom classes. But creating good online learning content can be difficult. It’s hard to know if you’re doing it right or even just where to begin. The LXD essentials course cuts through the noise and looks at the latest best practice in learning science. LXD isn’t about copy-pasting your classroom online, it’s about creating learning experiences that really matter.

By enrolling in LXD Essentials, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the impact of digital, neuroscience and behavioural science trends on how we learn.
  • Create learning experiences that are user-centered, goal-oriented and design-focused.
  • Create user-centered learning experiences based on the design thinking process.
  • Use competence-based learning design to set attainable learning goals.
  • Use microlearning and gamification tactics to motivate and engage learners throughout the learning experience.
  • Draw on various user experience and user interface design principles to create memorable learning experiences.
  • Draw on different evaluation models to track learners’ performance and attainment of the learning goals.
  • Reflect on future trends in learning.

Learning Experience Design Essentials course is a self-paced, five-module course that will equip you with the fundamentals you need to start creating impactful online learning experiences. Are you ready to develop a modern learning mindset and the skills and tools to design and develop interactive, engaging learning experiences?

Enroll today.


Kira Koopman

Written by Kira Koopman
Founder at Elevate Learning | Digital Learning Solutions Specialist